©2019 by The DynamitExperience.


Based in New York but grounded in Kansas City, the company was created by Artistic Director, Winston Dynamite Brown and Associate Artistic Director, Latra Wilson as a platform for creative investigations. The company creates work with an aim to impact the local community specifically those that generally do not see themselves represented on stage. 

TDE kicked off its first season with The Inaugural Show at The Mark O’Donnell Theater at The Actors Fund Theater in Brooklyn, NY in January 2019. That

introduction revealed a small glimpse of the trajectory of TDE; 4 new works and 12 dancers illustrating an arch between past, present and future, and insight to the direction of Dynamite’s current creative inclinations. 

At the root of this experience lies the “It takes a village” approach born from Dynamite’s experiences growing up in Kansas City. By creating a holistic environment for all to 

express themselves, explore, and discover shared experiences, we can funnel that 

energy back into the communities that created us. Through performances, teaching, and creative collaborations, TDE will continue to establish itself as an anchor of this experience.


Enjoy The DynamitExperience