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Photo: Douglas Duerring @duerringphoto

Lion & Lamb


A collaboration by The Space Upstairs Resident Artist Kaylin Horgan with Winston Dynamite Brown

Pittsburgh native and long- time Space Upstairs artist, Kaylin Horgan, directs her latest work in her first-time collaboration with dance artist Winston Dynamite Brown (NYC) and local music artists, Brittney Chantele and Treble NLS.

Lion and Lamb is a feature-length narrative performance inspired by the true story about a black man and his journey to success. This piece speaks of racism and interracial relationships in America in the 1970s, the real events that influenced the main character to overcome these trials, and how these experiences molded him into the powerful man he is today.



Mar 28th @ 8pm

Mar 29th @8pm



The Space Upstairs

214 N Lexington St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15208

TICKETS: $10-$15 at the door

Photo: Sylvester Finch @enigmahlm

Graphic Design: Travis Smith @travvvy84

The DynamitExperience: Inaugural Showing

January 25th, 7:30pm

Tickets:  $15

Purchase Ticket Link/RSVP:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thedynamitexperience-tickets-54040527673

About the Show:

The Dynamite Experience (TDE)

was created by Winston Dynamite Brown both as a creative outlet and entity that would serve as a platform for all the artistic endeavors of Brown and the TDE TEAM.  We seek ways to activate and contribute to the local community on and off the marley.


This performance is filled with the stories, images and vocabulary I seek to explore, develop and inevitably share with this company. It was always the main objective to bring dance back to the community that bore and raised me. I continue to seek ways to bring the world of dance and all that it has exposed me to, back to the people in a holistic way stimulating mind, body and spirit. Creating  a visceral response with the energies in space is a TDE goal and central focus when generating and creating new works.


My dream would be able to create a space and body of work that both my mother, father, uncle, and aunts would not only attend but ultimately see their stories portrayed and woven into a tapestry unfamiliar. How can this experience provide a way that speaks to my community? Dance, like a great singing or oration, is seen and heard but most importantly FELT, hence the name The Dynamite Experience.


We want you to leave feeling something.


This evenings showing is a small glimpse of the trajectory of TDE; an arch between past, present and future. WE WILL BE looking at the past in the form of three repertory works, and premiering 3 new works illustrating both present growth and  insight to the direction of my current creative inclinations.